Testimonials from Past Participants of Engineering and Energy
Seminars and Courses
Bobby Rauf, PE, CEM, MBA


 Electrical Power and Controls:

  • The instructor, Bobby Rauf, did an excellent job of presenting the material. He was extremely professional, very prepared for the course and has mastered the art of remote education. Robert H., P.E. 2020.
  • Very good course. Helped me as a mechanical engineer understand some of the finer details of electrical systems. Louis B. P.E. 2020
  • Course was well laid out; Bobby makes the time enjoyable! Chad E. P.E. 2020
  • Excellent course. Andrew V. P.E., 2020
  • Very Good Technical Content – Jeremy D., P.E., 2020
  • Good supplemental course for those of us who aren’t electrical engineers.
  • Great course and very beneficial to non-electrical engineers B. Patel. P.E. 2020


Energy Conservation in Industrial and Commercial Environment:

  • I want to let you know that Mr. Rauf has constructed a very worthwhile program for individuals having limited familiarity with the topics as well as a great refresher for those having experience. His ability to engage participants is excellent and I found the program rewarding and beneficial. I recommend the referenced course/seminar as well as other presentations that Mr. Rauf has available in his repertoire to individuals needing to gain insight or refresh their knowledge in subjects that he presents. C.J. Collins P.E. 2020.
  • The Lecturer was very well versed and very knowledgeable on the various topics that were presented. Paul A, P.E, 2020
  • Very well done presentation. Timothy C. P.E., 2020
  • Thanks for the certificate – it was an excellent class! K. Howard, CEM, 2019
  • I enjoyed the course and believe I got a lot of good information out of it. Richard R., 2020

Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers Seminar:

  • Thanks for the excellent course and for your presentation Bobby! Bobby was very knowledgeable and answered all participants’ questions. Gary M. P.E. 2020.
  • Hi Bob. Excellent job.  A heck of a lot to cover in 8 hours. ….Again, excellent job. Mark T. 2020.
  • Presenter was knowledgeable and patient. Excellent job. Mark T. P.E., CEM.
  • Thank you for the opportunity to attend such an informative webinar. Karin K. P.E. 2020
  • Bobby is a very knowledgeable and excellent instructor. R Wallace, P.E. 2019.
  • Bobby Rauf has an expert grasp of the technical and practical aspects of the topic. Chris K. 2019.
  • Great course and presentation, I wish I had taken this course earlier in my career! Brent H, P.E. 2019.
  • I would like to say again how instructive your EE class was. I really like your teaching style, too. It seems you have a passion for the subject. Dennis D. P.E., Feb. 2019.
  • Bobby Rauf (the instructor) has a vast understanding across many topical areas. The discussion really enhances the course materials.  Russell Kurtz, P.E.; 2019
  • Bobby knows his subject and how to communicate it.
  • A very effective presenter, kept the class interesting & interactive.
  • This was an excellent course. Well worth the time and cost. I plan to have Bobby present this course to our engineers. Dan D. P.E.
  • Great Course! Bobby is a very good presenter and extremely knowledgeable.
  • Enjoyed the instructor, he made the class very interesting and engaging.
  • (Mr. Rauf) is excellent at presenting in an understandable & engaging way.
  • Rauf was very knowledgeable in all areas presented and brought real world experience and examples to all aspects of the class and topics covered. He encouraged questions & was very accommodating in answering and explaining all questions posed.
  • Was very good at time management and keeping the course moving on.
  • Was able to explain complicated topic sufficient for the degree of this training.
  • I wanted to pass on my thoughts concerning……. Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers (seminar). I found it to be very helpful, especially the section on Power Factor.  I have had it explained to me a number of times, but your (Bobby Rauf) explanation was the best.
  • Bobby, I would like to say that even though I am not an engineer (and the math made me question my current occupation), I am really glad that I took this class. You have helped me to dissect and visualize some of the terms and concepts that were not tangible to me prior to this class.
  • “My accolades for “yet another” job well-done in regards to the “Electrical Engineering for Non-Electrical Engineers” short course!  I enjoy your courses……. they are re-vitalizing in that they help me get re-acquainted with the subjects.”

Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution:

  • Thank you for hosting a great course! Mathew P. 2020
  • The course was a very good value. Howard G. P.E. 2020
  • Good high-level review of electronics for power transmission. David L, P.E. 2020
  • Maybe short videos could be incorporated? All in all, Bobby did a great job!! Sarah F. Designer, 2020.

Arc Flash NFPA 70 E & 2021 Update:

  • Thanks Bobby, great presentation as usual. Very informative. Rob. H., P.E., 2021
  • Great job. David R., P.E., 2021
  • Thank you. Very informative. Dale S., P.E., 2021
  • Thank you for an informative course. Laura W. 2021
  • The instructor S. Bobby Rauf was very knowledgeable of the topic; he brought in many interesting actual experiences into the presentation; was engaging with the students and kept it interesting for the 8 hour period. John P., PE, 2019
  • Instructor was very knowledgeable of the topic and was able to answer everyone’s questions. David B. P.E.
  • The course was prepared well and the instructor did an excellent job both on presenting the material and interacting with the class. Richard R. P.E
  • First, I appreciate that you did not cancel the class despite extremely limited enrolment! I needed this to get ‘across the finish line’ for my ‘live’ credits.

    Second, there were some terrific aspects of Bobby’s course. In addition to the comprehensive slide deck which is a reference book in itself, his use of the NFPA 70E-2018 handbook to discuss the code sections, with the explanation from experts, along with his experience and then working examples, made this course extremely informative and interesting.  There was no loss of interest in this course throughout the day!  As an instructor myself, I can appreciate the difficulty of trying to administer an 8-hour course via webinar!  There was adequate time for interaction and discussion of the particular questions that came up with respect to the code, the interpretation, and implementation. Lastly, a number of case studies throughout the day added particular relevance to the Arc Flash reality. I look forward to future sessions with SEM Train! John S., PE 2019

 Mechanical Engineering Principles and Practice for Non-ME’s ON-Demand Course:

  • I enjoyed your seminar. It was very challenging for you to cover all the material you covered in the allotted time but you managed to do it well. Joe E. P.E., 2020.
  • Thank you Professor Rauf for holding the class for a single attendant and tailoring it to my questions. It was a very valuable learning. Youn H. P.E., 2020
  • Very easy to follow for someone who had only had passing interactions with the Mechanical Engineers I work with. Now I feel like I can understand a lot of the topics they mention without being completely in the dark and can ask the relevant questions to get more information I truly need. Thanks Bobby for breaking it down and making it simple to pick up. Hal H. 2019.
  • I enjoyed your course and you did a good job in presentation of the material. D. Anderson. 2019.
  • I’d like to say that I found the material very well put together and perfectly balanced between technical general information. Chad E. B.; P.E.
  • I appreciated the very complete handouts provided. A. Miller 2019.


  • Excellent presentation, I was a turbine engineer for 40 years! CS Yang, PE 2020.
  • The course was well organized and thorough with an emphasis on the fundamentals, which was important for the latter portions of the class. Taylor W., P.E., 2021
  • Instructor was very knowledgeable, and went through many example problems. AEE Webinar, 2019 – 2020.
  • The ability to learn remotely during this time was important. The instructor was energetic, engaging and able to explain thermodynamics in a clear and concise manner. S. T, C.E.M; 2020
  • Well done. The instructor clearly understands the topic and is great at communicating and
  • explaining it to others. Thanks! R.N., C.E.M, 2020
  • In this course you learn how thermodynamic principles can be applied to HVAC versus just steam, which is generally all that is covered in school. G. Sanford, PE, 2019.
  • Bobby Rauf is a great presenter and extremely knowledgeable. John B. P.E. 2019
  • I just want to say thank you for a great class. I actually dropped out of thermodynamics course which I took as an engineering elective during my third year in college, but your course helped me to grasp the fundamentals and build a confidence…….I am very glad I took your course. Y. Hur, PE, 2018.
  • Excellent instruction by S. Bobby Rauf, PE, CEM. A lot of material was covered. The handouts were very detailed and clearly explained all of the calculations…SemTrain provides outstanding learning opportunities. S. Duvall, CEM, 2019.
  • Wow, I love your seminar on Thermodynamics. Though, having taken my last Thermo course, 45 years ago, it is stretching my mind (a good thing!).
  • Rauf is a very good instructor with an excellent command of the material and a great vocabulary.

Renewable Energy Hot Topics:

  • Excellent presentation; among the best continuing ed courses I’ve had. John C. P.E., 2021
  • Great job on Tuesday with the webinar! I enjoyed the whole session!! Michael S.J. P.E., C.E.M., 2021
  • Thank you Bobby. Really enjoyed the presentation today. John C, PE, 2021
  • Very informative seminar. Thank you. Jacob S. T., P.E., 2021
  • Thank you Bobby. Great class. James S. P.E. 2021
  • Thanks! very good training! Paul M. P.E. 2021.
  • Instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject matter & engaged with the students, answering questions. Material was easy to understand and follow. AEE, CEM 2020
  • We discussed the smaller, commercial-scale technologies I’m familiar with, but also larger scale utility type technologies. Bobby was down-to-earth with his teaching methods, and I was able to ask questions and make comments on the subject matter throughout the course.  I would highly recommend SEM-Train to anyone looking to satisfy a licensing requirement or just learn more about a particular subject.
  • I thought the course was very informative and a good overview on the current trends_ in renewable energy technologies. Eric G. P.E. 2020.
  • Please find attached my completed course evaluation form for the below course. Nice job Bobby! Terry Y. P.E. 2020
  • Great Course! Very educational! Bobby is interesting to listen to…he kept my attention for eight hours. B. Menich, PE 2018
  • Thank you for the enlightenment concerning Renewable Energy. It was a great class. You covered it all! Joseph S., P.E. 2020

Hydrostatics and Hydrodynamics:

  • Filled with good content and realistic case studies. George S. P.E. 2021.
  • Bobby continually attempts to ensure that any questions are answered and that students understand the material. My random questions during the seminar were addressed and treated fairly. Hal H. P.E., 2021.
  • Thank you, great course. Course and slide deck are very well done and very useful for future reference! Richard H. P.E. Civil/Structural 2020.
  • An excellent course and Bobby Rauf kept me interested and engaged the entire time. Robert J. P.E. 2020.
  • Instructor Bobby Rauf was very good, answered all of the questions that came up, including those in the chat area. Steve M., P.E. Civil/Structural. 2020.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. Thank you. Vladimir Constant, P.E.
  • Nice Job! Paul G. P.E, Civil, 2020.
  • Thank you for a great learning experience! Shirley W. P.E. 2020.
  • Many thanks for an insightful and interesting presentation on Hydrostatics/Hydrodynamics! Blaise A. P.E. – July, 2019

 Engineering Ethics

  • Thanks for a great webinar! Bobby provided a wealth of information. He covered the material very well and provided excellent case studies. Eric S. S, PE, CPESC, CPSWQ, 2021
  • Thanks for the presentation. Good summary of the topic, and reminder of key ethics concepts. Gregory S. PE, CFO, 2021
  • Great Seminar! Robert N., P.E. 2021
  • Thank you. Well done. Philip J. G., Ph.D.,P.E.
  • Very well done! The material presented was very informative. The course was a great refresher with potential for additional learning. It highlighted the major topics of engineering ethics, and put them to use in the case studies which I found to be the most valuable aspect of the course. I liked the structuring of the material. I found great value in the case studies, but having the definitions and concepts beforehand was essential to the experience. Theodoros H. Civil Engineer. 2020
  • Thank you for an excellent presentation/training session today on the subject of Engineering Ethics. John P. P.E. 2020
  • Great presentation. Thanks Bobby. James B. P.E. 2020
  • Found course to be beneficial and would attend future courses. Mark B. P.E.
  • Enjoyed the course. Mathew S. P.E. 2020
  • The course was very good and relevant. John P., P.E., 2020

 A-Z of Project Management Seminar:

  • Great course, no changes. Bobby was enjoyable as usual. Chad E., P.E. 2020.
  • Instructor was very detailed and provided some real life experiences.
  • Course was extremely informative and I enjoyed the interactive style – S. Grasso, P.E. 2019-2020.
  • The course content is a treasure trove of knowledge and the material was well presented by Bobby Rauf of Sem-Train. This is an excellent course by the best instructor. S. Duvall, CEM, 2019.
  • Bobby seems very knowledgeable and passionate about what he is presenting. He is very good at using real-life experiences to illustrate or clarify how some of these concepts can be implemented.
  • The discussions about management maxims, performance indicators, scheduling, and communication were very helpful. Also, useful, were the sections on professionalism and positive reinforcement, and project start-up/closeout.
    • (The seminar provided) a better understanding of the project screening and vetting process as well as project performance metrics.
  • The course was exactly what I was looking for and was well presented.

 Safety Hot Topics for Engineers – Debunking the Myths:

  • I thought this course was well done and professionally presented. John W.P.E. 2020.
  • Great presenter. Kept it interesting with stories. Jaclyn P. P.E. 2020

Fundamentals of Engineering Course

  • “The Reference Manual, Solutions Manual, notes, and the dedication is what I liked best about the program. Mr. Rauf is excellent.”
  • “I really enjoyed the flow of the program. It ran smoothly and all exam subjects were covered.”
  • “The instructor was very knowledgeable in all areas of the exam. I feel more confident about the exam after taking this class.”
  • “I liked the broad knowledge of engineering that the instructor has and his teaching ability.”

Plant Maintenance Engineering and Management Course

  • Superbly presented! Engagement by participants was excellent. C.J. Collins, P.E. 2020.
  • This is my second course with SemTrain LLC and they seem to be well organized and presented in a professional manner. Tim O’Conner, P.E. 2020.
  • The lecturer had a great depth of knowledge in the plant engineering field. Paul De. A. P.E. 2020

Professional Engineering EE Power Course

  • I enjoyed the spring course very much and Bobby Rauf did a great job – very capable and professional instructor!
  • The information shared in the course, as well as the guided study and discussions helped make passing possible.
  • It was a very productive class and I enjoyed it. C. Mota. 2019 PE EE Class.
  • This is a Token of our Appreciation as you have conducted 5 days of “PE Electrical Power” Preparation class last week. Your source of information, contribution of teaching, tips and good advices will help our participants in many ways. Thank you for sharing your knowledges. R. Karim, I. Tohamy, C. Mota, M. Haque, S. Dash & Our Entire Team, March 2019 PE EE Power Class.

Finance, Accounting and Engineering Economics for Engineers and Technicians

  • Knowledgeable instructor with plenty of real-world examples. Quick and concise answering of questions was appreciated. Brent P., P.E., 2021
  • Great course, no changes. Bobby was enjoyable as usual! Chad E. P.E., 2020

Forensics Engineering – Investigation of Failures

  • Great course, thanks, got a lot out of it. I will be recommending this course to other who report to me. Michael M., P.E., 2021
  • I have to say, this was one of the best classes I’ve taken in a while. He (Instructor, M. Ayub) did a really great job. Ayub is really knowledgeable. Very good Presentation, Thank You! The presentation was most informative, The narrative was enjoyable.Connie Z., P.E., C.W.I, M.S.I, 2021
  • GREAT JOB — learned a lot. James B. P.E. 2021.
  • Great presentation ….. Thank you for taking the time to offer this. Mike P., P.E, 2021

Why choose SEM Train?

Feedback from students who have taken our courses highlights the expertise and teaching quality of our lecturers. 

Along with excellent teaching, we also provide comprehensive course materials and resources that we will share with you via Dropbox before the course starts.

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