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  • Mechanical Engineering Principles and Practice for Non-ME’s ON-Demand Course:

    • Thank you Professor Rauf for holding the class for a single attendant and tailoring it to my questions. It was a very valuable learning. Youn H. P.E., 2020
    • Very easy to follow for someone who had only had passing interactions with the Mechanical Engineers I work with. Now I feel like I can understand a lot of the topics they mention without being completely in the dark and can ask the relevant questions to get more information I truly need. Thanks Bobby for breaking it down and making it simple to pick up. Hal H. 2019.
    • I enjoyed your course and you did a good job in presentation of the material. D. Anderson. 2019.
    • I’d like to say that I found the material very well put together and perfectly balanced between technical general information. Chad E. B.; P.E.
    • I appreciated the very complete handouts provided. A. Miller 2019.



    • Excellent presentation, I was a turbine engineer for 40 years! CS Yang, PE 2020.
    • Instructor was very knowledgeable, and went through many example problems. AEE Webinar, 2019 – 2020.
    • In this course you learn how thermodynamic principles can be applied to HVAC versus just steam, which is generally all that is covered in school. G. Sanford, PE, 2019.
    • Bobby Rauf is a great presenter and extremely knowledgeable. John B. P.E. 2019
    • I just want to say thank you for a great class. I actually dropped out of thermodynamics course which I took as an engineering elective during my third year in college, but your course helped me to grasp the fundamentals and build a confidence…….I am very glad I took your course. Y. Hur, PE, 2018.
    • Excellent instruction by S. Bobby Rauf, PE, CEM. A lot of material was covered. The handouts were very detailed and clearly explained all of the calculations…SemTrain provides outstanding learning opportunities. S. Duvall, CEM, 2019.
    • Wow, I love your seminar on Thermodynamics. Though, having taken my last Thermo course, 45 years ago, it is stretching my mind (a good thing!).
    • Rauf is a very good instructor with an excellent command of the material and a great vocabulary.

    Renewable Energy Hot Topics:

    • Instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject matter & engaged with the students, answering questions. Material was easy to understand and follow. AEE, CEM 2020
    • We discussed the smaller, commercial-scale technologies I’m familiar with, but also larger scale utility type technologies. Bobby was down-to-earth with his teaching methods, and I was able to ask questions and make comments on the subject matter throughout the course.  I would highly recommend SEM-Train to anyone looking to satisfy a licensing requirement or just learn more about a particular subject.
    • I thought the course was very informative and a good overview on the current trends_ in renewable energy technologies. Eric G. P.E. 2020.
    • Please find attached my completed course evaluation form for the below course. Nice job Bobby! Terry Y. P.E. 2020
    • Great Course! Very educational! Bobby is interesting to listen to…he kept my attention for eight hours. B. Menich, PE 2018
    • Thank you for the enlightenment concerning Renewable Energy. It was a great class. You covered it all! Joseph S., P.E. 2020

    Hydrostatics and Hydrodynamics:


    • Thank you, great course. Course and slide deck are very well done and very useful for future reference! Richard H. P.E. Civil/Structural 2020.
    • An excellent course and Bobby Rauf kept me interested and engaged the entire time. Robert J. P.E. 2020.
    • Instructor Bobby Rauf was very good, answered all of the questions that came up, including those in the chat area. Steve M., P.E. Civil/Structural. 2020.
    • I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. Thank you. Vladimir Constant, P.E.
    • Nice Job! Paul G. P.E, Civil, 2020.
    • Thank you for a great learning experience! Shirley W. P.E. 2020.
    • Many thanks for an insightful and interesting presentation on Hydrostatics/Hydrodynamics! Blaise A. P.E. – July, 2019

     Engineering Ethics

    • Thank you for an excellent presentation/training session today on the subject of Engineering Ethics. John P. P.E. 2020
    • Great presentation. Thanks Bobby. James B. P.E. 2020
    • Found course to be beneficial and would attend future courses. Mark B. P.E.
    • Enjoyed the course. Mathew S. P.E. 2020
    • The course was very good and relevant. John P., P.E., 2020

     Fundamentals of Engineering Course

    • “The Reference Manual, Solutions Manual, notes, and the dedication is what I liked best about the program. Mr. Rauf is excellent.”
    • “I really enjoyed the flow of the program. It ran smoothly and all exam subjects were covered.”
    • “The instructor was very knowledgeable in all areas of the exam. I feel more confident about the exam after taking this class.”
    • “I liked the broad knowledge of engineering that the instructor has and his teaching ability.”

    Professional Engineering EE Power Course

    • I enjoyed the spring course very much and Bobby Rauf did a great job – very capable and professional instructor!
    • The information shared in the course, as well as the guided study and discussions helped make passing possible.
    • It was a very productive class and I enjoyed it. C. Mota. 2019 PE EE Class.
    • This is a Token of our Appreciation as you have conducted 5 days of “PE Electrical Power” Preparation class last week. Your source of information, contribution of teaching, tips and good advices will help our participants in many ways. Thank you for sharing your knowledges. R. Karim, I. Tohamy, C. Mota, M. Haque, S. Dash & Our Entire Team, March 2019 PE EE Power Class.

    Finance, Accounting and Engineering Economics for Engineers and Technicians

    • Great course, no changes. Bobby was enjoyable as usual! Chad E. P.E., 2020
  • Duke Energy Summer 2017 FE Class:
    • Bobby was very helpful both with course content and test-taking tips!
    • The thoroughness of the instructor and the notes are great.
  • FE Class 2018:
    • The instructor is perfect…He is very knowledgeable…He covered all the techniques required (for the exam).
    • The materials were very useful and the instructor was very knowledgeable….
  • Sang – PE EE Class of 2017
    • Bobby, I just received the result. I passed…Just wanted to share the good news with you. Thank you so much for your help. Your review course was really helpful and helped me passed the exam.
  • Bob E., PE 2017:
    • Thank you for all your work and efforts in providing us review with the (PE) course. I truly appreciate all your input!!  I’ll remember you for the rest of my life and I’m sure I’ll reference your book often!
  • Kedwin D., PE:
    • I wanted to say Thank You for your patience and time that you invested into the course. You’re a great teacher!
  • Cory M. PE 2017:
    • Thank you Bobby for putting on such a great class! I am happy to say that I have passed the PE Power exam.  This was my first attempt and can honestly say that this (PE) course helped me achieve a passing score.
  • Patel, PE 2016:
    • I am glad to inform you that I received my PE exam results this morning …. and I passed… I would like to thank you very much for your guidance during the (PE) course …. I think you directed us in right way that was not only…. exam oriented but will also help me in my professional career.

Why choose SEM Train?

Feedback from students who have taken our courses highlights the expertise and teaching quality of our lecturers. 

Along with excellent teaching, we also provide comprehensive course materials and resources that we will share with you via Dropbox before the course starts.

SEM Train is also a great option if you are an organization sending three or more participants on our courses as we offer a 10% discount if they register simultaneously.

If you’d like to learn more about our courses and webinars, or would like to discuss your PDH credit options in more detail, then get in touch with us via our webpage.

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