Course description
This is an On-Demand, A/V-Based course. This course is a one-day, abridged, version of the two-day Electrical Power and Controls for Engineers course. This course comprises a unique combination of electrical power and controls topics. The course begins with coverage of electrical power concepts in the DC, Single Phase AC and Three Phase AC realms in an easy to follow approach, illustrated and reinforced by practical applications, examples and numerical case studies or problems. Utilization of electrical power in hydraulic machines, i.e. pumps and turbines is discussed, supported by basic introduction to hydrodynamics and culminating to the sizing of pump motors. Application and sizing of fan and blower motors is explained. Electrical power distribution is highlighted. VFD, Variable Frequency Drives, are discussed. VFD architecture and VFD operational analysis are covered. The seminar then segues into the controls topics starting with controls theory, differences between Open and Closed Loop Control Systems and their advantages and disadvantages. Example of proprietary or custom control systems is covered, illustrated by pictures. Participants are introduced to PLC’s, Programmable Logic Controllers. PLC’s are then compared to DCS Systems, and their pros and cons are highlighted. HMI, Human Machine Interface, and SCADA systems are covered, supported by in-depth exploration of two specific examples.

This course is designed for engineers, professional engineers, energy professionals,
engineering managers, technical professionals, technicians, facilities managers and other professionals who are not intimately familiar with electrical power and controls disciplines. Participants are kept engaged through questions and answers, discussions and classwork. In accordance with board requirements, participants are required to pass (70%) a course quiz to earn the certificate of course completion. The participants are to submit their quiz answers on the Excel spreadsheet provided with the course package.

Electrical Power And Controls For Engineers, Managers And Technicians 7.5 PDH


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