This course covers important concepts in the realm of construction and workplace safety. This course is designed to cater to Project Engineers, Construction Personnel, Construction Supervision, Principals/Owners of Construction Firms and Construction Administrative Staff. This course begins
with importance of safety, supported by safety statistics and clarification of “myths” about need for safe practices at work and at home. Most of the main stream, PPE, Personal Protective Equipment and their proper use, is introduced through illustrations and in-class discussion. The importance of
Workplace Environmental Safety and Health – namely, indoor air quality – is covered with emphasis on HVAC Systems and Mold Issues, as pertinent to residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The latter part of this course deals with the one of the most significant hazards, in almost any environment, “fire.” Attendees are introduced to fire classifications and associated fire
extinguishers. Hazards or arc flash (NFPA 70E) and lockout tag-out best practices are covered.

Safety Hot Topics for Engineers, On-Demand Course

Credit: 8 PDH’s (1-Day)


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