Project Management for Engineering Professionals

Credits: 5 PDH Hours



This course presents an overview of modern practices in effective management of
technical projects and engineering professionals participation in this process.
It starts with discussion about the engineering personnel’s involvement in Project
Management and definitions of the project, triple constraint and work breakdown

This is followed by the numerous chapters covering all major processes of Project
Management, including:

• Estimating
• Scheduling
• Definition of Scope
• Procurement process
• Risk management
• Project communications
• Project baseline and control
• Performance measurement

Explanations are supported by numerous down-to-earth examples to improve the
retention of material.

The last part of the course is covering one of the most effective methods of project
control – Earned Value Analysis (EVA), showing participants how to use EVA metrics
to forecast project outcome and define corrective actions if needed. Extensive case
study of EVA application is presented as well.