Course Description

This course is an abridged version of the 2-day Power Transmission and Distribution Course. This course is designed such that engineers of almost any specialty can take away a commensurate amount of knowledge with little or no background in the field of electrical engineering. This course covers the flow of power from power generating plants all the way to point of use. This course begins with coverage of electrical power concepts in the DC, Single Phase AC and Three Phase AC realms in an easy to follow approach, illustrated and reinforced by practical applications, examples and numerical case studies or problems. Voltage, current and power measurement instrumentation is introduced explained through examples and applications. The important concept of power factor, and it’s remediation, is discussed and explained from various, easy to relate to, perspectives. The seminar then segues into the topic of the US power grid and Smart Grid. The US power grid’s vital statistics are introduced and explained through explicit illustrations, diagrams and pictures. The course then moves into an introduction followed by an in-depth discussion on power transmission lines. Characteristics, nuances and conventional applications of transmission lines are delved into, supported by numerous transmission line related mathematical problem examples. The participants are introduced to transmission line components. The discussion then flows downstream of transmission lines, into substations. Substations, substation components and their roles in a typical substation are discussed and illustrated through diagrams and pictures. The power transmission journey, in this course, is concluded with and in-depth coverage of power distribution systems. The coverage of power transmission and distribution would be incomplete without delineating electrical safety. Hence, course participants are provided a brief introduction to NEC, NESC and NFPA 70 E. This course is designed for engineers, professional engineers, energy professionals, engineering managers, technical professionals, technicians, facilities managers and other professionals who are not intimately familiar with power transmission and distribution. Participants are kept engaged through questions and answers, discussions and classwork.

Electrical Power Transmission and Distribution, On-Demand Course

This course caters to Professional Engineers, Non-Licensed Engineers, Technicians, Facilities Managers, and other professionals who are interested in enhancing their understanding of arc flash risk in their operations or those of their clients.


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