On Demand PDH Courses

Sem-Train on-demand seminars are designed for engineering and energy professionals who, due to schedule constraints, are unable to participate in live, on-line, or in-person seminars. Like or our live seminars, the on-demand courses are premised on content that not only delivers the PDH’s or CEU’s, but also imparts valuable technical knowledge and analytical skills.

The Sem-Train on-demand engineering seminars are self-paced and are based on actual recordings of live seminars, with live audience. This permits the on-demand course taker the unique opportunity to benefit from the discussion between the instructor and the attendees; many of whom are licensed Professional Engineers and Energy professionals. Upon course registration, the course taker will be given access to the course.

The on-demand course package includes the following in electronic format:

  1. Course Outline or Description.
  2. MP4 Audio/Video Recording file of the seminar that can be played back on MS Windows ® based PC or an MP4 compatible, portable, Audio/Video device.
  3. Course “Handouts,” in form of a PDF file.
  4. Multiple Choice and True/False Course Quiz, in form of a PDF file.
  5. Course Quiz Multiple Choice Answer Sheet, in form of a Microsoft Excel ® file.
  6. Course Evaluation Form – required by most Engineering Boards in the US.

After viewing and recording and studying the handouts, the participant will complete the multiple-choice, true/false quiz, record the answers on the provided answer sheet, and email answers to [email protected] for grading and issuance of a course completion certificate.

Participant may retake the quiz as many times as necessary until they pass, at no extra charge. Sem-Train retains copyright for the course content. The content of the course is provided for the sole use by the registrant and is non-transferrable.

State-Board Acceptance Guarantee
No Sem-Train course-takers’ credits have ever been rejected by a state licensing board. Every Sem-Train live in-person seminar, live online course, self-study, or text-based self-study course is guaranteed to be accepted by your board or we will gladly give you a full refund.