Shahid “Bobby” Rauf, P.E, C.E.M, MBA

Mr. Bobby Rauf is the President, Chief Consultant and a Senior Instructor at Sem-Train, LLC. Mr. Rauf has over 25 years of experience in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate Engineering, Science, Math, Business Administration and MBA courses, seminars, and workshops. Mr. Rauf earned his BS in Electrical Engineering, with honors, from NC State University, Raleigh, NC, USA. He earned his Executive MBA degree from Pfeiffer University Misenheimer, NC, US. Mr. Rauf is registered (PE) Professional Engineer, in the State of North Carolina (License/Reg. # 021995) and is a Certified Energy Manager.

Mr. Rauf was inducted as “Legend in Energy” by AEE, in 2014. He is a published author of multiple engineering and energy books and professional development courses. He holds a patent in process controls technology. Mr. Rauf is a member of ASEE, American Society of Engineering Education.

Mr. Rauf is certified to instruct various engineering, ergonomics, and industrial safety courses. He has conducted certification training and trained engineers for Professional Engineering licensure exams in the United States, The United Kingdom, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands and Ukraine, over the past ten years.

Bobby seems very knowledgeable and passionate about what he is presenting. He is very good at using real-life experiences to illustrate or clarify how some of these concepts can be implemented.

Bobby, I would like to say that even though I am not an engineer (and the math made me question my current occupation), I am really glad that I took this class. You have helped me to dissect and visualize some of the terms and concepts that were not tangible to me prior to this class.

The Reference Manual, Solutions Manual, notes, and the dedication is what I liked best about the program. Mr. Rauf is excellent.

Anthony Darmiento, PE

Mechanical and Industrial/Systems Engineer with over 25 years of experience in the marine and facilities engineering fields. Provided design support and logistics analysis for the development of new facilities/assets, and modification of existing systems.

Boris Shvartsberg, Ph.D., P.E., P.M.P.

Dr. Shvartsberg is an engineering and project management professional with more than 35 years of practical experience in managing and supervising of highly complicated technical projects for utility companies in USA and Latvia. He has extensive teaching experience in the European and US colleges and universities. Mr. Shvartsberg is an author of more than 25 publications on electrical engineering and project management subjects. He made numerous successful presentations at International conferences and symposiums.

Sri Susarla, Ph.D., PE, MBA

Currently working as an independent consultant, training engineers in the preparation for FE and PE exams, conducted by NCEES. I have trained more than 1500 engineers throughout the US, and overseas (KSA), with a passage rate of more than 90%, on the first attempt. The notes for FE and PE were developed over a period of three years. These notes consist of problems the students can be expected to solve in the NCEES exam.

Gennaro J. (Jerry) Maffia

After twenty years as a process engineer and manager in the petrochemical industry, mostly with Atlantic Richfield, Inc., Gennaro (Jerry) Maffia joined Widener University in the fall of 1992 as Chairman of the Department of Chemical Engineering. In 2010, Prof. Maffia retired from Widener as Emeritus Professor joined his alma mater, Manhattan College, as Professor of Chemical Engineering. He served as Interim Department Chair at Manhattan from 2014 to 2016. In the fall of 2016, Prof. Maffia received grants for Process Intensification from the Department of Energy.

Kim L. Craven, PE

Ali Pilehvari, Ph.D., P.E.

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